Aim High Academy Trust

Derwent Hill - Cumbria - November 2019

Monday 4th November 2019

All children are safe, well, and tucked up in bed after a busy first day of unpacking, bed making (very entertaining in some cases), hill walking, adventures on the big swing, night walks and team games. We are looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what it has in store for us all. 


Tuesday 5th November 2019

Morning! All children are well and excited for today’s activities.


Tuesday 5th November 2019 22:33

Another fantastic, fun filled day has come to an end. The children have enjoyed hill walks in the stunning Cumbrian countryside; gorge walking; orienteering; mine exploration; conquering fears on the high and low ropes courses; and of course the famous big “death” swing. Plenty more fun to be had tomorrow after a good night’s sleep

Wednesday 6th November 2019 22:51

Day 3 has come to an end and what a day it’s been! Both the children and staff have had an extremely busy day exploring more of the fabulous Cumbrian countryside; getting soaked scrambling up waterfalls; and tonight, working together, solving problems. It has been fantastic to see the relationships children are developing with other pupils, and adults, from across the trust, and the amazing memories that are being created.

Thursday 7th November 2019 23:28

The children, and staff, are continuing to have a great time. We are making the most of every minute despite everything the Lake District weather has tried to throw at us. During the sessions, all academy staff and instructors have been impressed by the resilience, courage, commitment and teamwork skills of the children. 

Friday 8th November 2019 14:10

Update! Both buses have set off full of excited but tired children ready to share all of their stories and memories. It has been a fantastic week, which has flown by. The children have been amazing and a pleasure to take away. The adults have been blown away by the changes we have seen in such a short time. We are certainly returning with a group of children who can rise to a challenge, set themselves goals, persevere, support each other, and surprise themselves with what they are capable of. The week has been summed up, today, by the following 

I’m going to go outside more and not spend all my time on my computer. I saw new things yesterday on the walk that I wouldn’t see if I had my phone in my hand”

What week it’s been!