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Skiing - France 2019


We have arrived safely at our beautiful hotel and have already set ourselves up with skis, boots and a helmet. Our rooms are chalet chic and quite the luxurious setting we hoped for. The views are breathtaking and it’s even snowing with a light flurry. Our journey was a dream and now we have so much to look forward to...


Jour Un 

What a day! We have had our first taste of skiing at Les Ménuires, and loved it! After some tricky starts, we all made great progress by the end of the day. Lunch was delicious too. Now we are going to go on ‘Rockin Bob’, and having dinner later. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings; hopefully it is as sunny as today. Please keep your fingers crossed. We are all getting along great and not missing home yet. Have a look at us in our ski clothes...


Jour Deux

The fluttering snow all day has left us in no doubt where we are! At times, we couldn’t see but that didn’t stop us...far from it. We have loved the speed and even began to explore the ski runs around us by going on lifts for the first time. Luca has thoroughly enjoyed doing jumps and going off piste! We have had a trip to the shop to buy drinks and this afternoon will tour the village before settling down for a meal and karaoke later. It’s a shame Mr Stephenson isn’t here to show us how it’s done!


Jour Trois

As the strong sunshine beamed down upon us, we had the best day on the slopes! We are making amazing progress and skiing all over the mountains, and loving it too. Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we went to an authentic French restaurant for a crepe. What could be better on pancake day!? Last night was so much fun and in the end we needed to be dragged off the microphone, having all had a go! Tonight we are having a games night and a quiz. Mrs Brown has brought ‘play your cards right’ which is going to be so much better than ‘Fortnite’. 


Jour Quatre

You would not believe just how good we are all getting at skiing! Our confidence is brimming. It’s teaching us that if something is difficult, you need to keep trying, keep practicing, keep listening and you will improve. Mr Burn has been so impressed with our attitude and resilience. Our rooms are tidy, our skis and boots are organised, our towels are hanging up to dry and our table manners are exemplary. Let’s hope this continues when we are home! Tonight we are having a games night in the hotel and maybe a quiz; we can’t wait. Have a look at the photo from Speed Mountain that we went on earlier in the week...


Jour Cinq

We have conquered our fear of chairlifts now and ready to spend our last day really exploring high up in the mountains. Our instructors have been so kind. Martin, Danny and Carole are great skiers and have been passing on all they know. Tonight we are shopping for a little gift for them to say thank you. We might also find a little something to bring home! Bumboarding on Saturday was so much fun we all wanted to do it again, so that is the plan for tonight. We miss you all loads and can’t wait to see you soon. Check us out on our skis...


Jour Six

We have all arrived safely back to the hotel after 6 full skiing days. We have loved it! Today we went to the very top; an altitude of over 3000m. Despite cloud covering the summit of Mont Blanc in the distance, we still had amazing views. Take a look at the picture. After skiing we have packed, leaving only our disco clothes out for tonight. We had a presentation before tea where we received a badge. We will be home in no time and can’t wait to see you at the airport.


Au revoir 


ps we have boarded and flight appears to be on time. Fingers crossed! 


All Photographs

I hope you enjoy the photographs from the week!